At present, this online calculator on the Internet is a very different and unique tool of its kind. This website is entirely dedicated to giving quick, complete, and convenient access to different kinds of free online calculator that have many specialties in different areas. In addition, many of these have even been developed in-house. Currently, we have more than a hundred types of free calculator to help you do calculations quickly in everyday household, commercial, educational, and leisure calculations such as subjects like body mass index, conversion, finance, math, mortgage, pregnancy, weight loss, and so much more. In other words, you will have access to a multitude of calculators—from the most basic to the more complicated scientific calculators with more functions and buttons than anyone can hardly think of using! At any rate, as of present, we are still coming up with more and more calculators free to use online.

We recognize that most households and offices most likely have their own kinds of calculators known to humankind. Our mobile phones have calculators on them, our tablets have calculators on them, and even some of our watches have calculators on them. However, working with these different equipment to accomplish a simple addition exercise quickly can be quite a challenge. Moreover, you can never really find a calculator when you are looking for one. Another challenge with calculators is, there is the presumption that we all know the necessary mathematics to solve different kinds of day to day calculations, when we really need a guide to do it.

online calculatorOur objective is to become a one-stop shop, so to speak—the trusted website for people who require quick computations but do not have the knowledge on hand to do so. We believe, in addition, that the Internet must always be a source of free information. Hence, the wide array of our calculator online is completely free. This encompasses the tools to the services. Moreover, for using these tools, there is no registration required. If you like the fact that we are offering different kinds of calculator online, please make sure to bookmark this website or add it to your social network, whether it may be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and the like. This is one calculator that is sure to not need batteries, not need the sun because it is solar powered, and malfunction because of a broken LCD display.

Each calculator free was coded and developed separately. They were put through strict and comprehensive testings. Nevertheless, please let us know if you find even the smallest mistake in our online calculators or if you need a calculator that we do not have. This is because your input is very important to us. In addition, even though almost all of our calculators on this website were designed and tested to be applicable for any kind of usage worldwide, some are meant for particular countries. Case in point, the Take Home Pay Calculator is for the residents of the United States of America only. Moreover, a lot of tools on this website give estimated results based on experience, while others were made only for fun. In these cases, please use your best discernment when looking through the results. For example, some of the online calculator full screen with drawing capacities may not be able to display the figure properly in some Internet Explorer versions or even other web browsers or web browser versions. This is actually a well-known problem and we are working very hard to find a solution. In the meantime, if you encounter this problem, please just refresh the page for troubleshooting purposes.

List of Our Calculators:

There are times when we see a really good online calculator that we cannot create ourselves, so we will provide you a link to them. In this case, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the content and results of these linked calculators. In addition, we also have some calculators that you can embed into your website. For example, these could be gadgets for Google or plug-ins for a WordPress blog. Simply put, these are just straightforward click and play code you can incorporate into your sites.

We would also like to inform you about precision and accuracy. You must be aware that there are of course certain limitations to all calculators that are on the Internet. The arithmetic that is utilized can lead to errors in some computations when the resulting numbers are very small or very large. Moreover, if your work relies on being absolutely and positively precise and accurate to the very last decimal place, we recommend that you double-check your answer.

Lastly, we would also like to reiterate that we are currently in the process of the developing this website and will be putting up more new content. We are always welcome to any suggestions and/or comments. Nevertheless, please do not contact us for purposes for advertising, particularly text link advertisements.

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